Floral interior design

Floral interior design refers to exclusive workpieces made of natural materials that are coordinated for a specific place. The majority of these pieces are made of long-lasting natural and dry materials.

I will be happy to advise you on site what will fit into your premises. Whether at home, in your practice, in a hotel or restaurant, or even in your office: everywhere there is an optimal solution for floral interior design with large or small pieces.

Large as well as small moss pictures, mostly mounted on a plain natural wood frame, are popular objects. Moss pictures are often also combined with branches, leaves, etc.

Flower subscription - Flower order

I am happy to take orders for flower subscriptions, whether weekly or monthly. It is also possible to have a larger piece made from durable natural materials and then have it regularly supplemented with fresh materials.

I will gladly accept orders for bouquets and flower arrangements by telephone or e-mail until Wednesday at 12:00. Deliveries follow on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Orders can also be collected from me.

Wedding floristry

Are you getting married? I would be happy to be your contact for bridal bouquets, wedding arches, table decorations, etc.

Attention: Due to relocation, I will only be able to offer weddings up to max. 60 guests and without a church wedding in the future. "My" helping freelance hands are too far away after the move! Wedding arch for free wedding ceremony is still possible.

Funeral floristry

Flowers comfort, that has always been the case. I like to put a wreath or a heart in the favourite colours.


I offer workshops in my creative workshop on an ongoing basis. All offers are advertised under "Workshops".

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